2009 will be a very exciting year for The Mend Project! With one more donation project, plus many other small shows and lectures, 2009 is sure to be a full year.

January 19th – 2009

The Mend Project in hosting an  IMAG  (Idaho Metal Arts Guild) meeting. We will introduce and discuss the next donation project along with other IMAG business. This is a free event and everyone is welcome. Cupcakes and drinks will be provided by The Mend Project. See you there. 6pm-8pm in the Linen Building.

March 5th and 6th – 2009

The Mend Project is throwing a party at the VAC for two days!

March 5th and 6th The Mend Project will take over the VAC. The fundraising event will feature live music from over 15 bands. Check back for more details soon…

Check out the VAC’s website:

May 7th – 2009

The Mend Project will participate in Modern Art 2009. The Modern Hotel and Bar opens it’s doors to over 25 artists. The Mend Project will be pre-showing the 3rd donation project.

May 25th – 2009

The staff of The Mend Project will join the Trey McIntyre Project 9+1 show, opening at the J Crist Gallery. Ten handmade portraits  of Trey’s dance group and Trey himself, will be available for purchase.  Proceeds will benefit both the Trey McIntyre Project and The Mend Project.

Check him and his group out at:

September 3rd – 2009

The Mend Projects 3rd donation project will show in the Linen Building, in downtown Boise, Idaho. Check back for more info.

Be Sure To Check Back For More Events!


One response to “Events

  1. Dear Mend Project people,
    I am interested in volunteering or in joining some of your events. I am willing to donate my time, or any jewelry that I make. I’m not sure what else you may need, but I am interested in becoming involved.

    Marla Leggette

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